Monday, October 6, 2014

Getting Published (and other thoughts)

I recently wrote an article
 for the Green Anglicans and it has been shared on many different websites and pages, and it even made it to the Anglican Communion's News webpage. Read it here.

There have been many experiences that I have had recently, and it has got me thinking. I have never traveled internationally alone before, and I have already learned a lot about how that will continue to work and how I may dread that, and also revel in that. I have always had someone to explore with- my friends and classmates in Guatemala, Katie in Peru, family in Norway. Now is my chance to be who I am traveling and learn what it means to be on my own, I do have plenty of great people here and around the world supporting me, but I hope you know what I mean. I came across this article on Facebook and it kind of explains what I hope to get out of this year, on that level at least. I have not grown into many of the points yet, but I feel like it is something I should keep in mind while experiencing South Africa.

I am excited to say that we already climbed Table Mountain! It was something that definitely was immediately put on my list of things to do right away when I found South Africa was my YASC placement.  As part of the Feast of St. Francis the Green Anglicans organized a hike up the iconic mountain which drapes many pictures you see of the City of Cape Town. It was an absolutely beautiful day for 103 of us to make the trip. The group had a nice service by one of the reservoirs at the top, which tied in the environment and all the environment around us. My day was capped by a very cold swim in the ocean with two of my fellow Green Anglican officemates, Johno and Nina. I think my timing to come couldn't have been any better, I left the Northern Hemisphere just as it was
turning fall and now I get to experience a whole new summer! I am looking forward to many more beach days to cool off this season.

Watch out Cape Town, I now have a car! Still trying to figure out the whole right hand drive, and driving down the left side of the road. I'm sure it will become second nature soon enough.
And this is just a great sunset over Camp's Bay

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