Tuesday, July 8, 2014

All Trained

And I have a flight date! I'm officially leaving for Cape Town on September 16, I am so excited! 
Last weekend I returned from my official training, held mainly at Holy Cross Monastery in West Park, NY with a couple days in Manhattan and at the Episcopal Church Center. It was truly two weeks full of new best friendship, fellowship, fun and flexibility. All f's of missionary experiences. And I guess we learned a little too.
Everything that we could possibly cover was discussed, and I learned a lot about dealing with new cross cultural experiences, history of mission work and what mission of the Episcopal Church means, security, and health and wellness.
By far, the biggest take away from training was the relationships that were built in NY. There is a great group of YASCers and the other missionaries in Episcopal Volunteers in Mission. These are the relationships that we will rely on next year, and I can say with confidence that I hopped on the airplane back to Minneapolis with many more friends than I had prior to my experience at the monastery.From our "great silence" trips down to the Hudson River, and catching subways in the city, all of us became so close and it really was great to know that I will have an international support system for our years and in the future as well!
Here's a picture of our group after Eucharist in the chapel at the Church Center in NYC.

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